Recommended Podcasts in 2017

I listen to podcasts as I wind down at the end of the day, and I have a wide variety that I enjoy. I like podcasts that have entertaining hosts, good audio quality, and thoughtful subject matter. If you’re looking for some new podcasts to subscribe to, check these out!

  • Someone Knows Something (CBC): Season 2 focused on the disappearance of Sheryl Sheppard in Hamilton, ON in 1998.  Host David Ridgen does a great job of talking to everyone who was linked to Sheryl’s life at the time of her dispearance. This is a great true crime story with lots of avenues to explore.
  • Canadaland: Host Jesse Brown takes an uncensored view of media in Canada, holding everyone from the CBC to the Rebel Media to account. He has unique hosts with varied viewpoints to look at current events and how media reports it.
  • Dads Being Dads: Two real dads, with funny stories about being dads. Coaching soccer, teaching their kids to ride bikes, fighting prescribed gender roles for dads and daughters alike. Start at the beginning to get a perspective of their lives with infants and toddlers.
  • Edmonton Journal’s Press Gallery: A rotating cast of Edmonton Journal columnists and reporters provides insights into the ever-tumultuous roller coaster of Alberta Politics. Short, funny, and always intelligent.
  • Note to Self: How has technology changed our lives? How do we feel about our relationship to technology? Can we change the effect that technology has on our lives? Manoush Zomorodi tackles these complex questions, and more.
  • Pod Save America: Four former aides to President Obama and regular guests talk about politics, the press, and how the Trump administration is changing America.
  • The Rookie Hunter: Two British Columbian men share their experiences in the backcountry, encourage other beginners, and discuss wild food.

Lastly, I’d like to highly recommend Overcast as your new podcast player for iOS. Powerful, yet simply designed, it recently received a great update to make the features easier to find.

Do you have any great podcasts to recommend? Comment below! I’m always looking for new ones to help me drift off to sleep.

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